Skoutaros history


In 1641 the village "Skoutaron" had only fifteen Christian homes and fewer Turkish. It seems that from then remain the names "Jami (Mosque)" and "Kantin Jesmes" to one of the three western fountains in the western neighborhoods of Skoutarou. Is reported that a Turkish Aga Hadji Nothman in 1810 gave the manor to the maintenance of mosques in Skoutaros and Molivos and of fountains that were made by himself. In 1932, it was distributed on 80 people. Contrary upon the mountain, the verdant stream from where the stream descends in Little Tsichranta (Ampelia) , was the village "Chlion" (Chlios), which had thirty houses of Christians and had more Turks than Skoutaros. That village was larger than Skoutaros then. But it was deserted and its inhabitants certainly came in today Skoutaros. Today, the place is called Chlios. There are foundations of houses, bricks, tiles, oak and ruined building of Madonna’s church, two flywheels and onecolumn capital, which then constituted the church.


Even further up the ridge lies the chapel of Archangel. It was then the "monidryon Archangel" monastery. Some remains above belonged rather to the cells of the monastery. There are a lot of trees and the water preserve green. It is a place of exceptional beauty. There is an unwritten tradition of the elders who want Ampelia in the valley west of Anaxos the first location of the village, the pirates forced him into desolation. Chlios may be the second location, which stated in 1640 as coexisted with Skoutaro. In 1850 Skoutaros had few Turks.  They should be few because in 1863 to 155 Christian families are not mentioned. The 1907 has 290 families, school for boys (at the square) and were making oil, honey, cheese and vegetables. In 1915 reported 252 families and 86 expatriates. Τoday, Skoutaros has about 1200 people.


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