Skoutaros village located in the northwestern part of the island,  about 4 km from Anaxos. It is built amphitheatrically in the north side of the mountain “Skoteino”. Probably the name of the village comes from the name of the mountain.

Entering, the stream turns down from the forested slopes leading to the waters of a small river that irrigates the valley in Ampelia.  The road is along the slope below the village. Cobbled steep streets leading to the center of Skoutarou, where there are cafes, shops and the church. Uphill road to the square, there is the Primary school, built 1926 to 1927 and the pharmacy. At the square, there is the church: the Assumption. The church was built in 1880 and consists of the vestibule with columns, the side walls - gates over the orthogonal projections with carved blocks and large windows with pediment. Round windows and skylights brighten the interior of the woodcut temple which one monk priest had been hewing for ten years. The belfry with carved capitals of gray trachyte built in 1913.

 The square is located at the lower level of the old school, built in 1909. The facade is built with hewn trachyte, with ionic capitals at the corners. Entrance with arch resting on two slender columns.  Large double door with pilasters. There the first two grades of elementary school was attending, the next two in a house and the last two classes in the loft of the church. In 1990 it was carpet school. The ground floor of became wood and has two rooms, which is used facility place for children. Main income for residents of Skoutarou is oil, a few sheep and tourism as the most  residents of Skoutarou have tourism businesses in Anaxos. In Skoutaros still operates one olive press.


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